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Some Notes About Loose Leaf Tea

Beautiful Leaf Teas

Our Loose Leaf / Bulk Tea are imported from the finest Tea Estates in the world. 

The majority of our teas are organically grown, fair-trade and hand picked. 

We go to great pains to make sure that if our label says that a particular tea is from a particular area, region, or estate that it is truly from that area, region or estate. 

This way you can be assured that if we sell you a Rembeng Estate Organic Assam Tea that it is from the Rembeng Estate, it is organic and from India.


We have been in the Tea Business since 1998 and as such are one of the oldest Tea Vendors in the United States.  As a Tea Merchant in Aiken South Carolina we carry a very large selection of loose leaf teas and tisanes.


Our Tea Sommeliers have trained with the Speciality Tea Institute and in turn have trained out staff.


All of our loose leaf teas are sold by the ounce.


A good rule of thumb when deciding about your purchase is:

One ounce (1 oz) of tea will produce about ten cups of tea,

One pound (16 oz) of tea will produce about two-hundred cups of tea.


For a more detailed description about types of tea and brewing tea please see our Tea Primer tab above.


We carry brewing and serving accessories in our Kitchen Department.


We do our best to make your Tea Experience as enjoyable as possible.