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Groceries from Near and Far 

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From the British Isles and Beyond . . . Since 1998 !


When The CURIOSITY Shop first opened its doors in 1998, we were confronted by ExPats from the UK in search of products that were simply not available at regular grocery stores.  Therefore, we began looking into carrying products such as Digestives, Crunchies, Flakes and all manner of teas and tea accessories.  It took awhile, but we were finally able to maintain a decent amount of product on our shelves.

From those humble beginnings we now carry a very large selection of staple products from England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Europe, as well as, products from around the world.

In this endeavor we do our best to source products that one can find on the shelf of a typical English grocer.

Our Cadbury candies are actually made by Cadbury UK.  And while many traditional British products have been consumed by large multi-national corporations we strive to maintain the purchasing of items from the small local British companies wherever possible.

Beans Crisps Marmite


Whenever possible we endeavour to seek out products that are GMO Free, Organic and Fair Trade. Many of the items that are from the UK and Europe are Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly, and lacking in the amount of preservatives that we Americans are so used to. The candies that we receive from overseas ‘melt in your hand’ and are vegetarian friendly because they contain no animal fats in the manufacturing process, they also contain little or no paraffin: hence they melt in you hand. We do keep organic produce in our coolers and have British Meat Pies, Bangers / Sausages, and DANISH & Irish Bacon (Rashers) in our freezer. Many of these items are for in-store pick-up due to the hazards of shipping. Please if you have any questions suggestions let us know.

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