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Commercial Bagged Tea


The tea bag is invented in 1908. It came about in New York when William Sullivan sent out samples in small silk bags. Some of his customers, instead of pouring it out of the bag into a pot, just threw the whole bag in.




The CURIOSITY Shop offers a variety of commercial bagged teas. There has, since 1908, been an argument that loose leaf teas are preferable to bagged teas. However, for convenience, bagged teas are the choice. In that regard in 2007 there were more bagged teas sold than loose leaf teas. In the past twenty years bagged teas have seen a marked difference in the quality of bags utilized. Paper is now seldom used to hold the tea. As in 1908 silk is now the preferred tea bag.


Taking Tea


Our mission as regards our commercial trade tea products is that we try to purchase organic, fair-trade teas and hand picked. While this is not always possible we do try to seek out the finest trade teas available.


Commercial tea plantations that supply mass marketers of tea tend to used large scale production methods which includes the picking of tea by machine. The teas tend to be grown on flat areas of land. The machines are set to cut the tea bushes at particular heights and are not discriminating as they cut including woody parts that can lead to a bitterness. Although there are some plantations that still hand pick the leaves for bagging.


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