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The Full Nine Yards

Are Ye Lookin' Fer A Kilt ?

The CURIOSITY Shop is your source for Kilts (Lads), Kilted Skirts (Lasses), and everything required to be fully outfitted.

Whether you're interested in a day kilt, formal kilt, or the Great Kilt.  Our kilts are manufactured of the finest Scottish materials.  They are made to order and taylored for the individual.  We suggest that you rent a kilt (we do that) and wear it for awhile to see if it is to your liking.  As we often say - there is nothing like a man in a skirt!

Accessories for Scottish attire can be as much or as little as you require.  We carry all manner of hose (kilt socks), Tams, Sgain Dubhs, Brooches, Shirts, Buckles, Flashes, Swords, Kilt Pens, Belts, Glengarries, and Chains.

We do have some coats in stock but we prefer to order specific sizes for individual customers.  We do not stock Ghillie Brogues or Fly Tartans because of the nature of the sizing and the need for specific plaids.

We do sell tartan yardage, rosettes, scarves, gentlemen's and children's tartan ties, sash's and family crest pins.

The CURIOSITY Shop prides itself on being your source for Scottish attire since 1998!

We are located in beautiful downtown Aiken South Carolina at 224 Park Avenue SW.