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Flag US: South Carolina

Flag US: South Carolina

South Carolina State Flag: 3' x 5' Nylon.
This is one of the oldest flag designs still in use. Its basic design goes back to 1765 when three white crescents were used on a blue flag by protesters against the Stamp Act. Ten years later a flag with a single crescent, or gorget (breast plate), was hoisted in the Revolutionary war. Colonel William Moultrie designed a flag for the South Carolina soldiers using the dark blue colour of their uniforms as the field and a silver crescent, which the soldiers wore on the front of their caps. The Palmetto tree was added to the flag later. When the people of Charleston heard that the British planned to capture Sullivan's Island, Colonel Moultrie and others, built a fort of Palmetto logs on the island. When the warships came, the captain and his soldiers defeated them, partly because the cannonballs that the ships fired could not destroy the fort. Instead, they sank into the soft, tough logs. This was the Battle of Fort Moultrie, fought on June 28, 1776.



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